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23 Comments on "Lollipop Rom for MTK6582"

please up date cm based lollipop roms for mtk6582 with kernel 3.10.54

please make support of some cm based or any lollipop based miui for mt6582 , or any other roms, kernel 3.10.54 very much needed by the users ... thankyou :)

Please upload cm12.1 for kernel 3.10.54

please make cm 12.1 for kernel 3.10.54 stock android version 5.0

Please make cyanogen mod 12 based on stock lollipop kernel 3.10.54

Yeah make Cyanogen Mood baesd on Stock Lollipop kernel 3.10.54

Yeah please make Cyanogen Mod based on stock lollipop kernel 3.10.54

Which lollipop ROM is perfect for my Oye! Mas android phone having MT6582 processor and 3.4.67 kernel. Please suggest me.

My phone have mt6582,Android 4.2.2.Can install lollifox rom?

No. But you can use another Rom with MT6582 4.2.2 Jellybean

bro, new rom den. mtk6582, lollipop 5.0, kernel 3.10.54

Bro Update your Blog CM 12.1 based ROMS for Kernel 3.10.54 are Realesed!

Can I use this rom for a Blu Dash 5.0+?

Can I port to mt6582 (jelly bean 4.2.2, kernel 3.4.5)?
or 4.2.2?

hello ,what is the best rom for tecno boomj7?

bro i have Qtab Q300 4.2.2 Jellybean MT8312 kernal version3.4.5.
please give me a rom with 5.x.x or 6.x.x CM ,Stock or Custom.

I have vivo y28 mtk6582.can I flash lollipop rom?

Hi, please publish a tutorial on upgrading rom from 5.1 to 6.0

Please bro. Can get cm13 for Lenovo a606 mtk6582 kernel 3.4.10

please upload lolipop ui rom for mt6582 jellybean device

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