Newton OS for MT6572 [4.2.2 Jellybean]

Rom Info:
Rom Name: Newton OS

Dynamic statusbar
Gesture Anywhere
Omini Switch
Fonts chooser
Lcd density
Notification Background
Listview animation
Recent application
Navigation bar switch



Credit :
Maaadr group (fb,web,blog)
FMD Team
Fu Ad
Anwar Faqieh
Adi Sukahadi
Alice Megatroid
Dhian Rushdiana
Rendy Septyanto
Muhammad Pujianto

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7 Comments on "Newton OS for MT6572 [4.2.2 Jellybean]"

Is this a real lollipop rom or just themed

Hey can you pls tell me that I have to port this ROM for xolo a500s mt6572

can this be ported to mmx a76 mt6572

hey...can i flash this rom without porting on mmx a76 mt6572???

Is it necessary to carry Is it in blu star 4.0?

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