[Guide] Fix Reversed Screen of a Custom Rom

This guide is about How to Fix Reversed Screen or Rotation of a Custom Rom Before and After Install. 

After Install (From Mobile)

At first install Root Browser

1. Run Root Browser and Go to the system folder.

2. There you will see a file name build.prop

3. Long press on this build.prop file and open with RB Text Editor.

4. Scroll down and find the line ro.sf.hwrotation=0

5. Make the 0 to 180

Example: ro.sf.hwrotation=0 to ro.sf.hwrotation=180

6. Now press Save Button. Go back and reboot your phone.

It will fix Reversed Screen (Upside Down) of your Custom Rom.

Before Install Custom Rom (From PC)

1. Go to your Custom Rom's system folder

2. Open build.prop file with Notepad++

3. Search the line ro.sf.hwrotation=0 and make it ro.sf.hwrotation=180

4. Save the file.

Now you will not face the problem of screen rotation (reversed) after install.

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5 Comments on "[Guide] Fix Reversed Screen of a Custom Rom"

tried this but still facing reverse screen problem!

When me my off set connecting charger then battery reversed screen show how to solve this essu....

My recent app panel is inverted can you please tell me How to fix this....

or try change permithing to 0777 and edit, and remember change back to 0664

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