Galaxy s6 Custom Rom for MTK6582

Galaxy s6 Rom Based on Lollipop 5.0.2

Rom Info:
Device: MediaTek MT6582
Android: 5.0.2
Kernel Version: 3.10.54


All Features of Galaxy s6
Amazing smooth
Nice Dialer
Framework Lollipop
Galaxy Apps

Bug: Flashlight


Download Galaxy s6 Rom
If you port this rom for your device please send me the device name after ported.

Take a full backup of current Rom before flash process.

Full Credit:
SRT Team

N.B. : All the Things do it at your won Risk. I will not be responsible for any kind of Brick/Damage of your Device/Phone. 

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129 Comments on "Galaxy s6 Custom Rom for MTK6582 "

I'm about to port this Rom for my device, where should I message you after im done with porting?

Can you port it for galaxy a3 sm300h

Can you port it for galaxy a3 am a300h

Does this works on MyPhone Rio 2 Fun.
Having mtk6582 chipset running in quadcore.

please make rom for videocon z45 no9va chipset mt6582

make custom rom videocon z45 nova chipszet mt6582

3.10.54 is the kernel version of myphone
I guess it will not work :(

Ok.ok, i just thought that it might not work but i will try :)

I dont know about kernel. But is this for kitkat or jellybean? this a full S6 rom ported to MTK phone
or a Themed MTK stock rom? pls let me know :-)

it's possible to port to a 3.4.67 kernel version?

hello.. does this work too on O+ 360 ALPHA PLUS ?

Is it possible to port it in kernel 3.4.0 mtk6582

Is there any way to port it in my phone cause I loved this ROM. In CWM menu it says installation aborted. I want this ROM. Plz help me.(kernel:3.4.0 mtk6582)

You can't port different kernel custom rom. Why don't you try the same kernel rom of your device?

Dear Admin.Can I Port this ROM to My phone Intex Aqua Power Plus MTK 6582 ,Andoid 5.0.?

How can I know that What is my phone's kernel?

is it possible to port rom with updated android OS ANY HOW ?
i have mtk6582 phone with android 4.2.2 and kernel 3.4.5 , and i wish to update it .
waiting for your response ... with regards

Is this working on oppo r2001 ? It based on jellybean

I can not connect google play on mtk 6592

Did you port this for MT6592? You can try with Gaaps.

hey bro while flashing the galaxy s6 rom
i getting an error in recovery that
mata recusive object : cannot be transtative at end point
please help me with that

bro using cwm also the same problem occured
the problem shows in that recovery while flashing is

ApplyParsedPerms: lsetfilecon of /system/lost+found to u:object_r:system
set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
E:Error in /sdcard/Galaxy S6 forTHL
(Status 7)
Installation aborted

hello admin, can i port for hdc note 4 mt6582 and my kernel is 3.10.0 and now running blisspop,resurection remix and Octos.. if i intsal this rom cleans system or not? sorry bad english

hey bro what happend i just gave an comment for trying the CWM recovery
i didnt seen that

Is your kernel version 3.10.54? Remove the starting with assert from updater script for error 7

My phone is oplus xonphone 5 mtk6582
And its currently on 4.4.2 so how I can upgrade to this 5x lollipop?? And current kernel is 3.4.67

Not working on the canvas fire 4 (mt6582 lollipop 5.0 kernel 3.10.54) boot failed and imei broken

can i port this rom for wiko rainbow

If it's matched with your device chipset and android version.

sir, should I flash it instantly? or should I edit it first.. because im using oppo neo 3

sir.. im using a jellybean version now... should it work? i can't find assert in updater script... getting status 7 and i cant find twrp for my device... thanks for the response

sir is there anyway I could flash this on cwm .. still gets status 7

I already wrote that this is not for Jellybean.

How to port this ROM as it is based on lollipop ....can u give me the link...

Can't the bug of flash light be fixed .......

where is the porting guide bro to port it ???
as it is kernal 3.10.54

Ported to Micromax unite 2 A106
but calculator gives force close
settings give force close while setting pattern or pin

Please help me. How is a kernel related to your device? If a phone has the same chipset as another but they both run different OS, can I flash the kernel of the one running the more recent OS to the other phone and then build a ROM for that OS? Will the phone function?
I have a Blu Studio 5.0 SII and it has MT6582M but runs JB and there are other phones that run LP and KK with MT6582M like ZTE Blade L3 etc. Can I flash the kernel from these devices onto my phone? Will it be compatible? Will it work fine? Please help me!

how to find it??and what will i delete??can you ss it??please??im trying to port this..

Other kernels will not work on your phone.

how to port bro just portong the boot img or we need to replace some file....if needed what should i replace ..???

port kernel and copy cam lib files from stock to port.

i am using xolo i have kernal 3.10.54 but when i flash it it just stuck in xolo bootimg coming what should i do help

Maybe you have problem with porting. Port it right way and also try with kernel porting.

no man ported the kernal but also getting problems....what to do ?????

No bro I ported as you said but nothing happens pls help

May be you are missing something. Many people are already ported it. You better try another porting guide.

kernel version 3.4.67

is it supporting device?.......................

I want to port S6 Rom for my Symphony H150 with it permission.

Flashing this rom, Ported it to Blu Energy X Plus which has 3.10.x kernel.

Will report soon if i make it boot :v

Goophone i6 v2 mtk6582 - full metal body - 1gb ram 8gb rom work prefectly <3 thanks dude

celular marca NOVO modelo N6 MTk6582 SC6820?

Device: M4SS4045.
I want its ROM

Can I port this to MyPhone Agua Rio its 4.4.2 Android Version and have MT6582 with permission

Can I Install This ROM In MyPhone Agua Rio I have MT6582 and 4.4.2 sdk:19

Hola, yo tengo ese mismo teléfono. Pudiste arreglar los bugs?

Hola, pudiste arreglar los bugs? Tengo el mismo teléfono.

This rom working single sim

Can i pot it to a double sim phone

I have Lenovo s850 can I port this on my cell phone.Android version is 4.4.2 and kernal version is 3.4.67 waiting for answer thanks

How if I flash this rom on samsung note 3 MT6582 with 3.4.0-1590669

Can i flash it in my phone myphoneRio2? With mtk6582 ,3.10.54 kernel and 5.0 lollipop?

is there a rom lenovo a606 ?

Can I get link to pirt tutorial for kernel 3.10.54? I guess only available tutorials are for base kernel kitkat

are there on screen buttons for those phone with navigation bar not buttons on phone??

Ported to ZTE Blade L3 Alias Digicel DL910, THX so much!

Kernel 3.10.54
android 5.0.2

can i port?

hi,,`can i port this this rom for my mt6582 kernel version is 3.4.67?

I have Installed It But There Is Some Bugs Like Lock Method And Where We Check our. recent Apps

How To see Recent Apps Plzz Tell me On This Rom
Device -Intex Power +

how can i crossport this to my 6753?

LG Magna H500F Roms? Pleas dude!

please port for advan s50c mtk6582

can i port it in my galaaxy s6 with mtk6582?

Can i port this rom for oppo neo 7 running android 5.1, kernel 3.10.x, chip mtk 6582

can you port on my lenovo a399 device?

android one mtk 6582 device port this rom mg mobile

can i port this Rom for Lenovo A338t 4.4.2 MT6582, build.prop not need to change?

I'm port this rom mtk6582 karnel 3.4.67 MMX A104

can i use this for g730-u10 mtk6582

Can I port this ROM for micromax A106 kernal 3.4.67 mtk 6582

It is possible to flash it on 5.0.1 android verion?

Can I install this ROM in my Ultimate UM500 Mediatek MT6582 1.30 GHz ?

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