[Custom Rom] CyanogenMod CM 12.1 for MT6582 [4.4.2]

CM 12.1 for MT/MTK6582 Android 4.4.2, CyanogenMod Lollipop for MTK Device.Pure real Cyanogenmod Rom for MTK phone with Lollipop UI. 

Rom Info:
  • Rom: CyanogenMod 12.1
  • Android Version: 4.4.2
  • Device: Elephone P10C (MTK6582)

Working Features:
  1. Calls
  2. Camera
  3. Microphone 
  4. Sound
  5. SMS-MMS
  6. 2G-3G Internet
  7. Wifi

  8. Bluetooth
  9. Auto Rotate
  10. Sensors
  11. Auto Brightness
  12. Video-1080p
  13. Tethering
  14. Flashlight
  15. MTP
  16. Tachskryn
  17. Headphones

Not Working:
  1. Video Recording
  2. Audio Recording
  3. GPS
  4. Balance sheet audit of some operators


If you port this rom for your device please send me the device name after ported.

FMD Team

It is recommended exports contacts to SD card before use this firmware. Then import from SD.
Use latest version of TWRP for flash. Take a full backup before wipe.

CyanogenMod 12.1 Custom Rom for MediaTek MT6582

N.B. : Do all the things at your won Risk. I will not be responsible for any kind of Brick/Damage of your phone. 

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159 Comments on "[Custom Rom] CyanogenMod CM 12.1 for MT6582 [4.4.2]"

Can i port this to mtk6572 4.4.2 base?

Can i install it on my karbonn Titanium S5 Plus (Mt6582) because it has stock 4.2.2

Is there some porting guide for this rom? any specific info or will the same method used to port 4.2.2 roms work?

Porting method is not same for 4.4.2. Will make a guide for Kitkat rom porting.

Is there's a way to fix the bugs of this ROM

Can I install this on my htc desire 310 (android 4.2.2)?

my phone walton primo nx2..... how can I port this rom

Check your chipset and android version.


Did you flash it on your device? it is for Elephone P10C

Can i flash in evercoss a7z ?

can i port this rom to evercoss a7z ?

Can i flash it on my karbonn titanium s4 plus[mtk 6582 with 4.4.2] or i need to port it.

This rom for Elephone P10C. You better know your device. If you port then you can try at your own risk.

i need your permission to port this rom , may i get your permission,please?

I want to port it to my Innjoo Note Pro. Please give me permission...

May I have the permission to port this ROM?
Starmobile Up (MT6582

Do I have to flash GApps pack separately? I don't know much abou this stuff but, in the zip's apps folder, I couldn't find any GApp. Please,do let me know.

Can you ( sir ) show me, guide how to port rom from mt6572 to 6582, please :(
I've looked everywhere but I can not find it.

can I Port it in my Android 4.4.2 (mt6589)

Do You know how to port from MT6582 to MT6589?

Hi i want to flash this cyanogenmod to my elephone p10. Can you tell me how to flast it step by step and where to sownload gapps.

Without knowledge of flashing rom you may brick your device

Even tho I have a MT6582 device with Kitkat 4.4.2 which wasn't officially updated to Lollipop, that custom rom will work ?

i tried to port but it resulted in bootloops

Match the rom info and try with kernel port.

can i use this on my lenovo a360t 4.4.2 with kernel version 3.4.67

I wish you this rom ports for Q -Smart QS550T

Do I can port this rom to Prestigio PSP3502 Duo with MT6582 and Android 4.4.2?

Can I install this rom with PhilZ Touch Recovery or CWM, because TWRP not works on my device? Please help.

Can I port it on my qmobile i6 mtk6582 updated on KitKat 4.4.2?

I do not provide any porting guide for this rom. Try to porting yourself at your own risk.

Please how can i get cm 12.1 for mt6572

Will this work on HTC desire 816g ?

This is for Mediatek chipset. I do not know what is the chipset of HTC desire 816g.

If you think that it is based on MTK chipset, you can try yourself at your own risk.

Is it safe because my phone is new but I know some stuff from flashing

This rom has some bugs. if you do not know how to port learn first. If you brick your device you will responsible for that. If you try then try at your own risk.

For those who wants yo port it for mt6572 m sharing u a working prosedure to port it
Lib/ libmali.so
Libegl ( folder)


For boot.IMG
Replace kernel and univerted.rc inside ramdisk folder
And change everything to mt6572 which is mt6582....
Lib/hw/gralloc.mt65**.so, hwcomposer.mt65**.so ( delete old files then copy this 2 files)
Then it will work ...
M already use cm12.1 on my mt6572 kk device....

You can try with CWM at your own risk. But mentioned to use TWRP.

Can I port my Symphony Xplorer W69Q
kernal: 3.4.67

can it be used on mtk6582 currently running jelly bean 4.2??

Can this work with elephone P10 ?

Hi, can i port this rom for akai glory o5?
Cpu: mt6582
Gpu: Mali -400
1gb of ram.


If android version matched then you can try at your own risk

I have Infocus m2
Android 4.4.2
Cpu mt6582
Can i install

Thanks! But now my phone is a brick cause a bootloop, but i can install it from SD. So it is possible if i flashed a wrong rom before?

did you port kernel? you can flash another rom.

No, 'cause i dont have a stock kernel: ( what can i do now?

Don't you have stock rom backup? Find your stock rom

I can't find my stock rom: ( where can i find? Pls help me!

Akai glory o5
Mali-400 854x460 GPU
1gb of ram.

Pls give me a link of stock rom or another rom which is compatible with my phone!

Thanks for your help sir!

Can I flash this? Android 4.4.2 mtk6589?

Can I flash this? Android 4.4.2 mtk6589?

Can i flash this rom for my lenovo a328 (mt6582)?

Can I install it in ismart mercury v2

Tolong portingkan ke advan T1J+. MT6582 Kitkat 1GB Ram. Terimakasih

Please match chipset and android version.

Hi I have a MT6582/MT8382 phone. I need to port the rom. Will an automated rom Porter app like MTK transfROM do the porting for me or should I manually port.

toling portingkan untuk Evercoss a66a mt6582 kitket

Can i port it to mt8382 lenovo tab 4.4.2

Can i port cm12 to mt8382 lenvo tab 4.4.2

Can I install it on BLU Studio G 4.4.2? MT6582 1.30 GHz Processor

can i port cm12.1 for my Masstel Strong B4000,5"(480x854), mt6582, ram 1gb, rom 8gb, quadcore 1.30ghz...? Thanks, sir!

can i port it for mt6582, ram 1gb, rom 8gb, 5inch (480x840), quadcore 1.30mhz, android 4.4.2, kernel 3.4.67...? Thanks, sir!

can i got port cm12.1 for my walton primo nx-2 android 4.4.2,Ram 1gb,Rom 8gb 5.5''.kernel 3.4.67,Cpu quad core 1.3GHz,build number primo NX_2S007_11022015 hope to thankful answer......

hy, my hdc s5 mt6582 with kernel 3.4.5?you can ported for me,I send my stock rom,please

Do not found any problem with download link.

can you make a rom flashable for Cherry mobile flare 3 ?It is 4.4.2 ,mtk 6582 ? please, i have a stock kitkat rom for this i dont know how to port :(

how to change lollipop kernel to port this rom for my device ??


Port to my phone please..
my phone is Coolpad RISE A116..

Can I use this ROM in my Oye! Mas mobile which has MT6582 processor..??

Can I use this ROM in my Oye! MA's mobile which has MT6582 processor ??

Can i use it in MT6582M , 4.4.2 ?? .. lenovo a328 .. thanks for reply..

The ROM is good thanks !!!!!
My device is Panasonic T41 !!!!

Why is it not working for me? I'm running mtk6582 KitKat 4.4.2 based phone.

Which version of cwm needed

This comment has been removed by the author. - Clear

My Model is gionee p6 can I use this rom pls suggest me.

can I port this rom mtk 6582 v 4.2.2

Hey admi my mobile name walton primo rm2
Android verson- 5.0
Kernal- 3.10.54

Can i use thise rom for my devise

Hey bro you ported this rom for your device? I wanna port it too for my Q-Mobile but I fail.. Could you please help me or direct me to a porting guide for porting this rom? :)

No bro kernel version 3.4.67 only...

Bro dont use cwm use PhilZ Recovery it is better for roms that are of 5.0 and above

Check your kernel, if its 3.4.67 then it will work... then you have to just port it for your device

Hey Bro, i wanna port this Rom for My ZTE Blade L2 (Telepatria 2, yes is different) what files i have replace for camera working and gps working....???

@Jinesh Shah

Yup Bro My Kernel Is 3.4.67 But I Want To Know About Any Specific Guide For Porting This Rom. There Are Alot But Not All The For All Roms. So By Which Method Did You Port? :)

I have htc desire 816G dual sim. I have already rooted it successfully.. now what I want is a bug free working rom.. help me.

Can i upgraded my gionee p6 mt6582 to lollipop
Pls suggest me

How about Lenovo A526 with MT6582 chipset, installed with Cyanogenmod build 4.4.0?

Pls is there no cyanogen mod for innjoo i1s?
I niid it urgently

bro can I port this rom in my symphony w69q..mtk 6582 android 4.4.2.?

Can I install it to my symphony Xplorer w69q??

Match your device chipset and android version.

Hey Im using Lenovo A606 MTK 6582, Kernel 3.4.67. Can i flash this rom via TWRP? Need Guide please.

Why?.....are there any roms for this device?.. please port cyanogen mod for mt8382..

Not at this moment. Being with me. I will Try for MT8382 Roms. Thanks

can i use this for my zhem 400?
android 4.4.2

Can I install it on my Blu Studio x Plus?

Can i port it to MTK6582 4.4.2 Based?

Can i port to MTK6582 4.4.2 KitKat based?

can i install it on machfive 5.0 andriod version

i can flash this in my vf685 mtk6582 4.4.2 ?

can i port it for micromax a093

cpu: 1.3gh quad core 6582

kernel: 3.4.67

stock: kk 4.4.2

ram: 512 mb

can i install it into my lava iris x5 (4.4.2)...?

can i install it on lenovo a606 mtk6582?

Hi I port rom karbonn titanium s2+ 3.4.67 kernal Mt6582 chipsat 4.4.2 kitkat

Can i flash in gionee p6 (kk 4.4.2)

what do you mean change everything mt572 which is mt6582?

Can i flash any custom mt6582 rom to a093 mt6582.

hey its work on mtk6582 ram1gb rom 8gb

Does it work for HTC 816G mtk6582

symphony H50 mtk 6582 i can port it karnal version 3.4.67

may i have the permission to port this rom ?
kodak sp4(mt6582)

pls i want to know where i can download MTK

Yeah If The Stock Android Version Is Kitkat 4.4.2

You Need To Have An MTK Device To Port This ROM. Then You Can Download The ROM From Above Provided Links.

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