[Custom Rom] Amber L Lollipop Rom for MTK6572 [4.2.2]

About Amber L Rom:

Amber L Rom is based on Lollipop UI. This ROM for MT6572 and It is themed like Lollipop. This is a great rom for Jellybean users who want to make their rom like lollipop. You can feel the lollipop design in your device with this rom but it will not upgrade your kernel or your OS to Lollipop. 

Amber L Rom Version is Cyanoid Version Lollipop Rom. This Amber L for Jellybean 4.2.2 Devices with MTK6572 chipset and kernel version 3.4.5. Before you want to use this for your device you have to check this things and most important thing is that you need to port this rom before use or you might brick your phone. 

Everything you need to do at your won risk. I will not responsible for any find of damage or brick of your Device/Phone.

Amber L Rom Features:

1. Lollipop Look
2. New Dialer
3. New Contacts
4. New Phone Dialing logo
5. New Messaging
6. New Browser
7. New Calender
8. Tweaks Added
9. ViperFX
10. Dolby Digital
11. init.d Supported


Download Amber L lollipop Rom

Before Install:
Full Backup of your current Stock Rom before flash. Port it for your device

1. Rooted Phone
2. CWM Recovery

Reboot phone to Recovery Mode

A.Wipe data/factory reset
B.Wipe cache partition
C. Mount and storage >
               1. Format data
               2. Format system
               3. Format cache
D. Advanced >
               1. Wipe dalvik cache

Back to the Main Menu.

Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard
Select Rom zip file.

Installation will start. Wait until finish.
Then Reboot and Enjoy the new rom.

Rommel  V.
MTKcROM for unpack and port

Custom Roms for MT6572
Symphony W85 users can flash directly this rom and other MTK6572 users such as Lenovo A369i,
Xolo A500s, Huawei Y511, ZTE V818, Symphony W82, Symphony W72, Symphony W68,
Walton Primo E2, Walton Primo F4, Karbonn Mobile, Micromax Mobile Need to port this rom.

Porting Guide:
Stock Rom (Original Rom of your device)
Port Rom (The Rom which you want to port for your device)

Step1. Delete Folders
Go to the Port Rom system folder and delete-
Folder delete:

Step 2. Copy Files and Folders from Stock Rom to Port Rom
Go to Stock Rom folder, Copy folders and files and Paste and replace to the Port Rom.

Files and Folders to replace:




Step 3. Edit Mount Point
Go to Port Rom META-INF\com\google\android open updater-script with Notepad++ change the mount point.

Find the line /dev/block/mmcblk0p and you will get the line like below. 

format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p5", "0", "/system");
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p5", "/system");
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p7", "/data");

Mount point I marked in red color 5 & 7 now change it as per your device mount point. (Do not need to change the whole line.) If your device mount point for system is 3 then make it 3 instead of 5If your device mount point for data is 5 then make it 5 instead of 7To know your device mount point run MTK Droid Root and Tools and connect your device. Then click Block Map.

Step 4. Port Kernel 

Unpack stock boot.img and copy kernel then unpack port rom boot.img and paste and replace the stock kernel to custom rom kernel. Repack port boot.img. For more details follow Kernel Port Guide

Final Step: Make Rom zip file

Now select boot, logo, system and META-INF make it zip. It is now ready for flash.

N.B. : All the Things do it at your won Risk. I will not be responsible for any kind of Brick/Damage of your phone. 

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39 Comments on "[Custom Rom] Amber L Lollipop Rom for MTK6572 [4.2.2]"

the screen has been inverted in y511

there is a problem . I cant use whatsapp with this rom . when i open whatsapp and it has been stoped :/

Plz port color os v2.1.1i for mtk6572 if possible with in 580mb system partion.

please rom or backup for mobile blumix model 500 mt6572

i did all steps and when my phone restared , it opened on the screen which there are 4 points (yellow and red and green and blue ) are moving and it still on that . what should i do .... help please

i didn't find the line mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p7", "/data");
so that i can edit it but i added it manually . the rom has been installed successfully but it doesn't want to open in a sence it stopped on the screen of the moving colored balls ) i dont' know what to do !! i dont't know what is the problem

You will found emmc@android. So you do not need to change mount point and if you want then you can replace your mount point in the place of emmc@android.

this rom blocks google play services so many apps will not run properly

can i port from kk 4.4.2 for micromax canvas doodle 3 1gb 6" phone?

Bro can I port this ROM for my karbonn a11 star .its having mtk6572 chip dual core running on 4.4.2 .and have a scree if 4.3 inch .... ???

Can u tel me any custom ROM for karbonn a11 star .???

ca i port rom for cherry mobile garnet v3. mt6572 jb. ?

can i get permission to use this rom?
im using mt6572 device..

hi... i already tried to flash but always got messages like this "installation aborted(no error message)"... already followed as been told.. but still

It is rom good to Akai Glory G3 smartphone?

Follow this guide: http://mtkcrom.blogspot.com/2015/08/guide-fix-reversed-screen-of-custom-rom.html

Bugs in a369i, in setting menu always fc the app

can i use this rom foe datawind 7cz dual sim android kitkat tablet

Will this ROM work with karbonn a11 star or how can I port this rom ?

you have to match chipset and android version and have to port it first.

Will this work on Karbonn Titanium s6, mtk 6572

If your device based on Jellybean you can try at your won risk.

thanks bro, please how do i wipe the phone and dalvik cache and so on

hi bro, please how do i clear dalvik cache and wipe data mt6572

Plz help me I have lost some files of my stoke Rom .my phone is Huawei y600u20

Bro I am not able to do . Tell me how with detailed instructions and thanks for replying.

Bro tell me how with detailed instructions .

kernel is sowing crash screen but rom is working with fliped screen. with editing build.pro it has been fixed. but need help for fix crash screen kernel. and nice work. keep it up. thanks

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